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WordPress WooCommerce problems | WooCommerce Ecommerce Website

WordPress WooCommerce: problems and alternatives

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, it has become well known worldwide almost the same as WordPress itself. WooCommerce is completely compatible with WordPress and they are considered as the single concept, the term “WordPress-WooCommerce” is often mentioned in a list of work experience requirements and as a title of the training courses. The huge popularity is the result of WooCommerce team’s work and the permanent development of themes and extensions from WordPress and third-party developers. If you’re interested in WooCommerce and would like to know about the features, visit the official website of the plugin. But if you want to know about the weaknesses of WooCommerce and an alternative to it, then this article is for you.

We have also used WooCommerce to turn WordPress into an online store. But soon the imperfection of WooCommerce became apparent to us and this was the motivation for creating our own module for online stores in WordPress – WOW-shop. First just some new features and capabilities were added but then the module has been improved to a full-featured platform for online stores. Of course, like any platform, WOW-shop is constantly being improved and has the potential to become the leader among the available platforms for online stores.

Let’s look at the main weaknesses of WooCommerce that were eliminated in WOW-shop.

The imperfect system of attributes and attribute sets; features of this system are quite limited, because of the bad architecture.
A significant load on the server that has a negative impact on the site load speed.
The complicated source code that makes it difficult to change the structure of the site to the needs of a particular online store.
The complexity of creating multilingual online store.
Some basic features of online store are imperfect : no possibility of adding the product to cart and view the cart without reloading the page; too complicated url address when the filter is turned on; limited control methods of payment and delivery; limited functionality of the user account.
The management of configurable products is not very flexible. For example, the product options are available only as simple drop-down list.

These and some other weaknesses sometimes prevent developers from choosing WooCommerce and even using WordPress for creating online stores. Someone tries to eliminate these limitations by installing additional plugins and some improvements. We has decided to create a completely new module, which takes into account these weaknesses and at the same time has a lot of extra features. So we have proven that serious online stores with WordPress is not only possible, but very comfortable for users and developers.

You can have a look at our platform and the demo site of online store here: E-shop for WordPress – WOW-shop.