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Magento e shop

The owner of the business associated with the trade, sooner or later faces the challenge of creating an e-shop. You can find a wealth of information on how to solve this problem in the Internet: from its trading platform ready to a full service e-shop. If you select option 1, you will still have to continue your looking in the direction of a full service e-shop. The problem is that editing the appearance and functionality of the trading platform is very limited, and your business partners may perceive such ” e-shop” not very serious.

What did opt to create an online store?

If you have a fairly simple e-shop, and the number of products does not exceed 100 – 200, you can use popular platform for websites WordPress, Joomla or others that contain special application for e-shop and are easy to manage.

However, if you want to place many products in your e-shop, provide easy navigation by categories and individual products, filter products, you can not do without specialized platform for e-shop – Magento. The first beta version of Magento published in 2007. Now Magento is the most functional and effective platform for the development of online shopping, which has gained popularity in many countries.

The main advantages of Magento are:

  • the ability to specify different attributes (properties) for the product;
  • the ability to configure the product (buyer’s choice of color, size, etc.);
  • filter and sort products by attribute set;
  • you can create multiple sites on the same system;
  • the use of different rates;
  • tax rates;
  • multilingualism;
  • management methods of payment and delivery;
  • tiered pricing.

There are many applications (modules) and package design for Magento.