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Cheap e-shop creation

If you enter Internet request “Cheap ecommerce website creation” you can find lot of similar proposals: I’ll make e-shop of any functionality (even the hardest) at a price of $100 – $200 during just 2 – 3 days. Just an incredible offer!

However, if you are looking for just such a proposal, we’ll disappoint you: we don’t have such fantastic service. And these incredible proposals can be related with the following factors:

1) the author of offer is very talented benefactor and altruist;

2) deception, fraud (as a result you get a website, but poor quality);

3) incompetence of the author, who has just learned to create primitive e-shops using standard templates, but considers himself a genius (usually this are students-beginners).

So if you still are using this offer, you will get your e-shop. But in 99% of cases it’s better not to show this e-shop for your potential customers.

We offer the ecommerce website creation of any difficulty levels significantly cheaper than most other web studios. However, we don’t make complicated e-shops for the price of a small site. We don’t offer poor quality e-shops. However, we can develop inexpensive e-shop with relatively simple functionality. The price of such e-shops is €200. You need an e-shop with more complex functionality? No problem, it may cost €300 – €500. The upper limit of complexity and cost of e-shop does not exist.

What is the cause of low prices? We create e-shops based on the popular CMS WordPress. To ensure full e-shop functionality we use our own module WOW-shop that has perfected over the years, and it is convenient for the developer and the owner of a store that deals with its content. So we don’t need to spend a lot of time to edit one of the famous platforms (from primitive Joomla-Virtuemart to complicated Magento) every time, connect it to multiple modules, eliminating conflicts between them. During the work we can proceed to the elements that are unique to a particular site almost immediately.

You can calculate website development cost and order it from us here.