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WOW-shop e-shop on WordPress by Chili-web. The demo site

WOW-shop e-shop on WordPress by Chili-web. The demo site

Each team of web developers to become one of the most in-demand and recognizable among of others in the area must offer better and even the best product and service.

We provide our customers with an application to online stores for WordPressWOW-shop. This application is the result of our work and continuous improvement for several years.

If you have already been working with other platforms for online stores as an editor or developer, you can easily evaluate the advantages of our application (a showcase online store and its admin panel) after opening the demo site.

Demo Site

Login Page  Admin (open after authentication on login page; if you will open this address immediately, you will see page “404”)

We recommend you view the page Attributes management and other pages in section “WOW E-shop”.

Let’s consider the basic advantages and disadvantages of the most famous plugins for online stores in WordPress, to compare them with the WOW-shop.

1. WooCommerce. The most popular online store plugin for WordPress, that’s why many developers and site owners are often convinced there is no alternative solution. There are plenty of templates, additional plugins and other developments for WooCommerce, and the plugin is dynamically updated. But is it really an optimal platform for an online store? The plugin provides powerful functionality (filter products, configurable products) and makes it possible to design a complete online store. But the most obvious drawback is an imperfect system of attributes and attribute sets; features of this system are quite limited, because of the bad architecture. In addition, WooCommerce sites are “heavy”, they can be slow and heavily load the server. To resolve this problem, the plugins for cache need to be used.

2. WPshop (France). An interesting and powerful solution, but not very well known among developers. Potentially this plugin can probably compete with WooCommerce. It has a powerful management of attributes and attribute sets, contains many useful settings in admin panel but they can be quite complex and require more time to study. The source code of plugin is difficult to edit, so it can be not very easy to make certain changes in the structure of the online store.

3. WP Shop (wp-shop.ru). Many references to this plugin can be found in internet, often with the comments such as “best store plugin for WP in runet”. Perhaps in RuNet it is really the best, but to create a serious online store with this plugin will be difficult. The plugin has integration with popular payment systems (WebMoney, YandexMoney, RoboKassa, QIWI, PayPal) and an interesting delivery system, but for the most part the plugin is rather primitive. In the admin panel the functionality of manage the products and attributes is almost absent.

Compared to other plugins our application WOW-shop has several advantages:
1) attributes and attribute sets are one of the most powerful features in WOW-shop.Each set of attributes corresponds to a single type of product, which is separately allocated in the admin panel;
2) a convenient product categories management system; you can choose not only the image and the view mode for category (as in WooCommerce), but also the order of placement;
3) a flexible configurable products management. Configured product is a simple union catalog, it is possible to keep records of stock and easy to import; The product selection options are implemented by the buttons that contain thumbnails of goods, their color, not by the simple drop-down lists;
4) the opportunity to show blocks (sliders) with typical commodity groups (new, promotional products, etc.) not only on the front page, but in the separate product categories; automatic definition of popular products and hits of sales;
5) WOW-shop includes the popular online payment methods (PayPal, Liqpay, 24 Private, Webmoney), there is no need to install additional plugins;
6) high speed of the site, no significant load on the server, due to the rational architecture;
7) a simple and flexible source code that makes it easy to change the structure of the site to the needs of a particular online store; the ability to create multilingual online store due to compatibility with plugin Qtranslate.

WOW-shop application was created for use in our work. However, if you want to buy this app for yourself, send a request to chili.web.ua@gmail.com (specify in the subject “WOW-shop”), and we will give information about the conditions of purchase.