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What is website promotion?

Any site benefits only when someone visits it.

Website promotion is a complex of measures aimed at increasing site traffic, attracting the target audience to the site from search engines.

The process of site promotion includes search engine optimization and its promotion in search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a site preparation for promotion. It includes optimization of text pages, keywords, titles, structure of internal links.

Website promotion in search engines – a set of actions that increase its attendance, covering the placement of external links, registration in different directories, forums.

Web site also provides continuous monitoring of its results, and based on it – further search engine optimization.

The owner of any site wants to see it on the first page of search results in popular search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.), but not everyone succeeds. What factors impact the promotion of the site?

1. Unique content. If your site has the content, which is not present anywhere, the relevant keywords the site will be on the 1st position. However, it often happens, when this area is high competition (for example, the number of sites that offer services in web development), and to ensure that unique content is impossible.

2. Match (posted in tags title), keywords and main text pages. This ensures the relevance of search – as the relevant results of your search query. The higher relevance of a page, the higher it will be in the search results.

3. Structure of internal links site. The more links to a particular page from other pages, the better it can be indexed by search engines. Primarily indexed home, so it is important to place it on the links to the pages that are of highest priority.

4. Having optimal sitemap (Sitemap), which is a hint to search engines that contributes to crawl more pages.

5. Optimality: URL addresses of pages that should meet its structure. For example: URL address of the page a particular product may look like «http://mysite/products/this_product», where products – category name, this_product – product name.

6. The frequency of updating information on the website, publication of new materials.

7. External links to your website. To achieve results in a competitive need to provide a significant amount of inbound links to the site, placing the site in various directories, forums.

It should be understood that increase site does not always lead to an increase in the number of customers who will order your products or services. Important that the audience of the site was the target audience that is looking for that information which is posted on the site.

There are many ways to “black” promotion of the site through which artificially increase certain parameters (frequency of keywords, number of internal and external links, number of views). Although this site may be a while significantly rise in the search results, but search engines react negatively to the “black” promotion and may even block indexing site.