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PHP – the most popular language for web programming

If you want to develop a web site other than the elementary site, you can not do without the use of server programming language, the most popular of which is the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor, the former name: Personal Home Page Tools) – scripting language for generating HTML-pages on the server side. PHP is interpreted by a web server in the HTML-code that is sent to the browser.

Work on PHP starts in 1995, and in 2004 he published a PHP 5, which is constantly being improved and new versions released in PHP 5.

Considering various aspects of PHP, the following main its benefits:

  • conventionality
  • ease
  • efficiency
  • safety
  • flexibility

Tradition. The syntax and structure of PHP include many items that are in the programming languages ​​C, Perl, Pascal. PHP is a language with syntax and universal at the same time adapted to web programming.

Simplicity. PHP can be embedded directly in the html-code pages that are correctly processed PHP-interpreter. PHP has a lot of different functions, which deprives us of the need to write multi-line scripts to perform a simple task. The main thing for the developer – to choose the function according to the specific task. Also, do not need to load the library, specify the special compilation options.

PHP contains a number of libraries to work with popular databases.


1. Security on the system level. PHP can be configured so that it can provide maximum freedom of action and safety. PHP can run in safe mode (safe mode), which limits the use of PHP users. For example: the maximum execution time and memory usage.

2. Security on the level of the program. PHP includes strong encryption mechanisms. PHP is also compatible with many third-party applications developers, making it easy to integrate with secure e-commerce technology. PHP source code can not be viewed in the browser, because it runs on the server.

Flexibility. PHP is not only used in conjunction with HTML, but with JavaScript, WML, XML and other languages. PHP code can be transmitted by any of browsers and devices, including cell phones, laptop computers. PHP code can be executed in command line mode.

PHP runs on different web-servers (Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server, Microsoft IIS, Stronghold, Zeus) and platforms (UNIX, Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003).