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What are the benefits of HTML5?

Although officially HTML5 yet published, but now all of her talk, and Internet browsers offer new versions already support many functions of HTML5. What is the power of HTML5? HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language, version 5) is the latest and most new version of HTML – the basic standard layout a page.

Briefly characterize the main innovation HTML5. Beginning of the layout is optimized: !Doctype html. Announcement of the page encoding: meta charset = «UTF-8».

Several new tags, that correspond to a typical structure blocks the page, is intuitive for users and more friendly to search engines, are introduced:

header – title page;

footer – «Basement” page;

section – large blocks of pages;

nav – navigation on the site;

article – article or the main content;

aside – lateral column, additional content;

figure – picture.

According to many developers, the main advantage of HTML5 is the ability to easily embed video, audio and more. It uses the new tags, which greatly extend the functionality of previous versions of HTML:

video – video insert a page with just one tag;

audio – audio insert a page with just one tag;

canvas – makes it possible to create complex images using JavaScript, for example – maps, charts.

Several new tags to the local use are introduced:

time – identifies the date and time;

meter – metric data;

details – details about a particular object;

mark – an element that interacts with the function;

progress – process of the dynamics.

You can select a new such interesting tags as datagrid (table, built through a dynamic data source), menu (system menu), command (specific actions by activating the object).

New fields were added to existing field types of HTML-forms: datetime, datetime-local, date, month, week, time, number, range, email, url.

It should be understood that the implementation of standards HTML5 can not happen instantly, because it takes time to ensure that all browsers have implemented them in their new versions, and developers – in their practice. So far, though many are available, but not all the features of HTML5, and different browsers to set different. But already it is clear that this is – it is very near future, as current development site must include standards for HTML5.