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CSS3 – beautiful and convenient site design

CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3) is widely used on many sites, although with some developers may not be considering the differences CSS3 and earlier, as these nuances do not necessarily know, if we consider a single technology CSS – styles for processing (rendering) HTML-pages.

If the practical use of technologies HTML5 is not always noticeable in the case of introduced technologies CSS3 following result is obvious. CSS3 features greatly enhanced over previous versions. Toolkit provides CSS3 effects that previously achieved only by inserting images or javascript. As a result, simplifies the process of page layout, reduced server load and page weight, increase speed of loading.

Consider the most popular features that appeared in CSS3:

border-radius – rounding corners for blocks (values ​​can be defined as once for all angles and for each angle separately);

box-shadow – a shadow for blocks (internal or external);

text-shadow – the shadow of the text;

opacity – transparency for blocks;

function gradient of property background – transfusion of different colors;

the use of background image and background color while propertybackground.

We should also highlight new features that provide dynamic effects are, at first glance, an unexpected turn in the development of CSS. The most famous of them – transition (change of period properties, usually when you hover on an item that provides a smooth change) and transition-delay (delay before changing properties). Previously it was believed that such effects can be achieved only with javascript, but current trends using CSS3 refute it.

The main problem is the lack of CSS3 support in older browsers (some CSS3 properties are not supported even in new versions), the most “problematic” is Internet Explorer.